Posted by: quoththesparrow | June 15, 2009

The beginning of blog and beautiful friendship!

Hooray!  Today I set up my blog.  I have so many fun things planned for this. 

To begin with, let me introduce myself if you don’t know me.  My name is Carla D’Errico.  My ultimate dream is to be a writer, especially in the field of journalism.  I’m a newbie, sort of.  I’ve been out of college for about two years now, but I’m still in process of finding myself as a writer.  Currently, I am trying to set myself some goals; one of which is setting up a blog, so I can check that off now.  Now I just have to maintain it and make it interesting.  No problem.  I love being creative.  Aside from a writer, I’m also an artist.

If you visit my site, then I’m delighted to have you as a guest, or even a regular!  Please, check in later, too.  There’s more to come!


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