Posted by: quoththesparrow | July 31, 2009

Getting Back On Track

Yes, I’ve been away a while. It is a beautiful day in Columbus and a great end to a work week. I am both astounded and excited that summer is 2/3 over already. Or maybe closer to just over half.  I’m excited because in a little more than 5 weeks I will be heading off to England for my brother’s wedding! It’s bittersweet that summer is going by so fast because summer is my favorite season.  Though I may gripe about the heat and humidity sometimes, I love the warmth, especially when I’ve been stuck in air conditioning at work and have to thaw out.  There’s so much I love about it! I love the great memories of being a kid and playing outside literally all day. The pool. The beach. Hiking in the woods. Camping – in a tent – no RVs for this one! I’m all for roughing it! The summer nights, hearing the crickets chirp, the locusts hum and watching the fireflies flit about and flicker their summer glow. The summer thunderstorms…oh, to sit on a porch and watch the clouds rolling and thunder rumbling and the rain coming down in sheets and the lightning dance. **sigh** Oh, summer, I’m never ready for you to end!


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