Posted by: quoththesparrow | April 14, 2016

Leader of the Coat


Two men stood at the precipice

The valley spread out before them

Behind them the rest of their group

“What do we do?” they shouted in unison

The men looked at each other

“Do you know?”

“I don’t know. You?”

“Not a clue.”

The one man look at the other

“Why, your coat is much more fanciful than mine.

You have good taste. You must be smarter. You be leader.”

The other man agreed

He took the path nearest them down to the valley

The others followed

Three days, then three weeks went by

Everything went fine

Or so they thought

One day they called a town meeting

When the man with the coat stood in front of them

He opened his mouth to speak

But before their very eyes

A child of eight years or so

Snuck up and snatched his coat

Right off his back

“Whose child is so unruly?”

“None of ours!”

The child taunted the man and waved his coat

The man chased the child but could not catch it

Suddenly the town was surrounded

By an army of strange children

At first the town laughed

“Let’s show these youngsters who’s boss!”

But the children rounded up the town

Faster than they could reach the children or run from them

No matter what, the town could not outsmart the children

Four days, then four weeks later

The adults work the land

While the children run the town

It is a prosperous place these days


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