Hey there! Glad to have you as a guest. I am both a writer and artist at heart. In fact, I started college as an art major, but later changed to travel writing – a major I created myself. A wide variety of writing experiences has well-rounded me, including writing for an animal-focused publication, being a review scout with Yelp, contributing to the directory for Patch, writing about environmentally-friendly architecture with Buildipedia.com, and writing for a community newspaper. I would love to focus on the areas of news journalism and travel writing, and even try my hand at investigative journalism.



  1. Hey Carla, this is waaaay cool! You are off to a good start!


  2. Good start, keep coming.

    las vegas of my dreams take me in your arms
    where bright lights never end and empty wallets make amends
    i see your beauty where mountain tops glisten
    canyons full of rainbows and desert life roams
    my eyes see your glory nomatter of the story
    land so full of life and so much history


  3. Hello Carla,

    I remember you telling me a while ago that you started a blog and i also remember reading a couple of articles which I thought were very interesting – good work! 🙂 I just read some more of your other ones and I love them!


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