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Thought I’d share some of my other art forms with you!

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Happy New Year!

Hello World!

Yes, the new year has begun and with it those resolutions. Some people like them, others find them pesky, and still others like myself completely forget about them.

However, it is good to look back at what we’ve learned and accomplished over the past year. I have learned humility and gained confidence as my writing career has grown exponentially. I am loving being back in Columbus, Ohio and reconnecting with friends. Yet, even though I have returned to a place I know and love, no experience is ever exactly the same. And I don’t want it to be. I want my time in Columbus this time around to be different, in a good way. It’s a re-creation as I see it. Since returning I’ve already had articles published with a local magazine and weekly newspaper, and I’ve made some wonderful new writer friends as I’ve searched out writing groups for me to belong to.

I believe this year will be a good one, because I will make it so. Oh, there will be trials and tribulations for sure. But through it all I will hold my head high and the sun will eventually shine again.

Happy New Year to all!

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What’s New

Ah yes, since we last spoke I have continued to write, write, write away! I have plenty more stories with Penda Publishing and some new ones with Buildipedia, but I have also been trying my hand with sites like Environmental Graffiti and plus its sister sites, especially I had good feedback on EG article about churches in the North America going green. I’ve had fun writing the recaps on the show In Plain Sight for and now it seems I’m moving forward with features – I recently had my first celebrity interview!

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New Stories!

I have some awesome new stories from The Springfield Paper for y’all to enjoy. I am excited that you get to read these! One is about a beam from the WTC being in the Memorial Day Parade. Another is about Run Across America. They came through Springfield and I got the chance to talk to Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan. I didn’t get the chance to talk to Dean Karnazes, but I snapped a picture of him getting into a car. =)

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I’ve been writin’ away!!

Hey All! I’ve been gaining some ground in the writing world and finally got around to making a portfolio here. Check it out in my pages.

It seems so long ago since I had my first article published with The Animal Insider. Then I was a review scout with Yelp. For almost a year now, I’ve been writing for an architectural site called Buildipedia. In October last year Patch – powered by AOL, came to Dayton and Cincinnati. If you haven’t heard of Patch, they focus on local news for an area. I was in charge of starting up the directory for Kettering. But, sadly, Dayton and Cincinnati aren’t too well off economically, and they couldn’t find anyone to be an editor so they had to put the start-up on hold. Unfortunately, because of that the Kettering site is not up and running and I can’t provide you a link for it. After that, at the end of January I started writing for a weekly newspaper, The Springfield Paper, and have been going strong since.

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Long time no write…!

Wow, has it seriously been almost two years since I last posted on my blog?! Ha! Since then I’ve been writing away in other forms and done some traveling. I did go to England, and it was a blast, of course! Took a whirlwind tour of London in just a day. Boy, we were we tired on the train back to the flat where we stayed in Lansing. We also traveled around to smaller towns. It’s funny, we think something that’s 100 years old here in the U.S. is old, but for a castle to be from 1060 A.D. is nothing. Let’s see, where else did I go? Ah yes, I was in New Jersey for about two weeks visiting family and friends last September. On my birthday we were in upstate New York at a music festival. We also drove through Irvington, named for Washington Irving, and then Sleepy Hollow. In Sleepy Hollow there was a restaurant called The Headless Horseman. I think they should have a statue of Ichabod Crane be chased by the Headless Horseman. And then over Thanksgiving I headed down to Gatlinburg, Tennessee and Braselton, Georgia. Every morning we ate at pancake house in Gatlinburg – there are A LOT! In Braselton we stopped at Chateau Elaine and I just about fell in the fountain. I swear I didn’t have that much wine!

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Getting Back On Track

Yes, I’ve been away a while. It is a beautiful day in Columbus and a great end to a work week. I am both astounded and excited that summer is 2/3 over already. Or maybe closer to just over half.  I’m excited because in a little more than 5 weeks I will be heading off to England for my brother’s wedding! It’s bittersweet that summer is going by so fast because summer is my favorite season.  Though I may gripe about the heat and humidity sometimes, I love the warmth, especially when I’ve been stuck in air conditioning at work and have to thaw out.  There’s so much I love about it! I love the great memories of being a kid and playing outside literally all day. The pool. The beach. Hiking in the woods. Camping – in a tent – no RVs for this one! I’m all for roughing it! The summer nights, hearing the crickets chirp, the locusts hum and watching the fireflies flit about and flicker their summer glow. The summer thunderstorms…oh, to sit on a porch and watch the clouds rolling and thunder rumbling and the rain coming down in sheets and the lightning dance. **sigh** Oh, summer, I’m never ready for you to end!

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One Girl’s Junk Is Another’s Treasure

Nana 1  Pink Hanky  Green Hanky  Red Husk

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Okay, so it took me a minute or two to figure it out, but I now have photos for your viewing pleasure.  You can see them under Pages and Media.

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One of the additions to this blog will be articles I’ve written.  They will be found under my Pages.  I’ve already uploaded the first one.

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